Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet Tabitha and get a FREE Back to School Resource!

Hi all! 
My name is Tabitha and I'm an elementary math instructional coach in Tennessee. Since 2005, I've taught first and second grade and grades 3-5 summer camps for children with autism. Within my school district, I've also had the privilege to work as a Title I coordinator, Family Engagement Coordinator,  and Teacher Evaluator. In the evenings, I teach an occasional college course at the local university and write blog articles for Promethean Planet. 

My absolute favorite educational topic to talk about is math, of course! Its fascinating to see students manipulating numbers and gaining a deep understanding of number sense.  I spend my days working with teachers and students on creative, "out of the box" ways to think about elementary number concepts. 

I also enjoy reading and learning about classroom management and organization. Students and adults alike function and learn better in an environment that is well structured for learning. I'm always looking for a new idea to assist teachers in maintaining a structured environment for their students!

I spend my evenings with my husband of almost 6 years and my two cats, Jellybean and Bubs.  We enjoy any activity that is relaxing and full of laughter! 

I look forward to "meeting" everyone though our discussions on The Learning Highway's website and other social medias!

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Best wishes,

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My free product is a "get to know you" activity for your math class, where your students will learn something new about one another while doing a little math along the way! I love this activity as it allows teachers an opportunity to get to know something special about each student as well as assessing their current math skills. After you've "liked" The Learning Highway on Facebook and followed me on Teachers Pay Teachers , please help yourself to a Get to know you activity for Grade 2. 

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