Monday, August 19, 2013

I hope everybody is checking out the sales on TpT!  All contributing members of The Learning Highway are participating!

The past few days have been busy with setting up my classroom, attending professional development sessions, and settling in to my brand new state!

Classroom pictures will come soon, but until then, I thought I would post a few pictures from my summer school teaching job in Detroit.  Ancient Egypt was the theme for the kids in grades K-2.

My kindergarten and first grade students created models of the Nile River.  After learning about the Nile River, they came up with the hypothesis that the reeds would grow longer and thicker right by the Nile.  The students had a wonderful discussion about why most people in Egypt live close to the Nile River.

Each child made a sarcophagus.  I had some mobiles in the classroom that came from Oriental Trading Company.

My roommate helped me paint King Tut.  This is a bulletin board that shows that the First Grade students met this particular writing standard from the Common Core State Standards.

This is not specific to Ancient Egypt, but my classroom had a kindness tree where members of the class looked out for kind or helpful actions from their classmates.  I loved having this kindness tree in the classroom!  

Look out for pictures from my current classroom!  I am not quite there yet, but I have been working quite a bit on organizing and labeling my classroom library.  I used my own book basket labels to assist me in this endeavor!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful time creating enriching and welcoming spaces for your students!  Thank you all so much for reading our blog!
:-)  Kenzie

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