Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Teaching and Assessing with Task Cards

      I have found a great new way to teach and assess my students, task cards! I like task cards because they are fun, easy and informative. One way I like to use task cards is in centers. I typically place the cards in my centers right after we have finished a unit. For example, when we finished our place value unit I put the place value cards in my centers. Once we finish our multiplication unit I will put the multiplication cards in the centers and move the place value cards to my early finishers bucket.

      For my early finishers I have a section on my board called "I'm Done! Now What?" Students may choose any of the items in that section to do if they finish early. Some of their choices are: read a book, write a story, practice spelling words, and task cards. Once I have used a set of cards in centers for a while and students have been assessed on them I place them near my board for students to use when they have finished their assignment early.

      Occasionally I like to use the task cards as an assessment. I usually use them for formative assessments, but occasionally they are used for summative assessments. I also use the cards from previous units to work with my small groups. They are a great resource for re-teaching a skill that students may have missed.

      If you have not used task cards before, or even if you have but you are looking for something new, I hope that you will try out my new Fall themed math and literacy cards and tell me what you think. You can get this set for free here: 

Fall Themed Task Card Bundle

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