Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Past Month in PHOTOS!

We have been working non-stop in out little turquoise room. We have had visits from Zero the Hero, pirates, Johnny Appleseed and an observer or two. Yes, I had my first formal observation of the year! One down just three more to go! How many formal observations/evaluations do you have in a year?

As an Apprentice Teacher, I have four every year. Woo! Talk about stressful. I was so proud of my little firstie friends though. They were amazingly behaved and had their higher order thinking caps on to boot! Thank goodness! Ok back to this past month......

This is the beginning of my favorite time of the (teaching) year.....all the fun, holidays and "extras". It just makes teaching and learning that much more fun!

The classroom got a mini makeover with some cheap (like Dollar store cheap) decor. A few leaves here, a pumpkin or two there and.....Presto! It's Fall! 

I really have no clue why they have that yellow tint to them. Sorry, I promise I was not playing with the filters. 

We had a ton of fun this past month and it all began with a mini unit on worms.....

There was a divide in the classroom. Those that had obviously been fishing with a worm and those that probably were not allowed to play in the dirt. I had kiddos screaming and running for their lives. The "worm friendly" kiddos and I were cry laughing. You know when you laugh so hard you are crying? Yep, we could not stop laughing. I had kids seriously wigging out over these little guys. I have to admit, I was a bit creeped out at first but we ended up having so much fun and learning a TON!

We used this wonderful unit by Kristen Smith.....
We had a pirate dress up day next for National Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19, 2014. We used various pirate packs and Pinterest finds and had a blast....Here is peek at our Pirate week....

We had four graffiti table change-ups but I only was able to capture two on film. We played around with nouns in NOUN TOWN and took a closer look at Poetry....

We ended the month with two fantastic weeks of APPLES!!!!!

Zero the Hero stopped by with some Apple Jack fun to kick-off the week!

We made apple pies from the applesauce. See the picture below....I apparently uploaded the pictures in backwards. A normal person with normal internet would just upload again or rearrange....but my internet is acting super crazy and I just figure y'all understand. Right?
 We made homemade classroomade applesauce. It made our room smell so yummy. Needless to say, we made a few new friends. :)
 We taste tested red, yellow and green apples. The weirdest thing happened...every year red wins. Yellow won! It was like the twilight zone for a second. 
That's it friends! 
I hope you enjoyed our classroom photo montage!!!! I can't wait for October and all the fun things that go with this month....pumpkin, bats, spiders.....the list goes on and on. What will October look like in your classroom?

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