Saturday, August 16, 2014

Timeless Tips for Teachers

For the guest blog posts this month, we are talking all about fun teacher tricks for classroom organization!  First up, we have timeless tips from Trisha.   Click here to visit her store!

The Number System:
Assign each student in the class a number
based on alphabetical order. Put the number on each desk nametag.
All textbooks for the student will be that specific number. The student
will need to put both their name & number on all papers.
Benefits of the number system:
 * Easy to find the owner of a lost textbook
 * If a volunteer is needed, chose a number.
 * Easy to put papers in alphabetical order for entering grades
 on the computer or in a gradebook.

Deck of Cards Groups:
 Use a deck of cards to put students in groups
of 3 or 4.
Example: All 8’s are together. Then assign jobs based on
the suite:
 Diamonds: LEADER

SMARTIES candy: 
A quick way to reward students for simple tasks.
It’s smart to….
 * Keep your desk clean!
 * Help a classmate!
 * Follow directions quickly.
 * Listen quietly!

Give each family a 9 x 12 envelope with
directions to address it to a favorite family member: Grandparent,
Aunt, Godparent, etc… Then, sometime during the school year,
allow the child to send an artwork to the special person along with a
friendly letter.

BUSINESS LETTER WRITING: When doing the business letter
lesson, have students write a letter to a company requesting an item
from the Freebies for Kids website. Students look forward to getting
the free item and it makes the lesson more meaningful.

Also, check out these freebies from Trisha's store. This first freebie's job is to help with documenting behavior and to hold students accountable for their own behaviors.

Click here to go to the Behavior Journal Freebie!

And check out this student information sheet as well to help with classroom organization.

Click here to go to the Child Information Sheet Freebie!

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