Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guided Math Book Study- Chapter 9

Well, we've made it to the end of the book! I can't help but to reflect upon all this book offers us as math teachers.  Guided Math allows us to step out of the traditional ways of teaching math and into an exciting world of student-focused math explorations.

Chapter 9 talks about putting Guided Math into practice.  When all of the components are in place.... what occurs is simply classroom magic.

Students feel comfortable sharing ideas in a risk-free environment.

Students work collaboratively and build upon one another's ideas.

There are multiple solution paths to problems, and students find satisfaction in the productive struggle to find them.

Students make mathematical connections to real world situations and begin to see mathematical patterns.

Math vocabulary and discussions are abundant. 

Isn't that exciting? We're no longer bound to a "sit and get" type of math lesson. We have the flexibility to use not only whole group instruction, but small group, math workshops, or one-on-one. We have the flexibility to do what's best for each of our students. 

The possibilities are endless- and so are the rewards. 

Just as with any other change, I think it's best to "chunk" the change. Trying to implement all components of guided math might be too much and result in frustration. Instead, I think it's best to choose one component you'd like to change. Focus on that one component for a while, and when that becomes a natural part of your lessons, add another.

Working in a team or partnership is the way to go! Everyone needs someone to collaborate with- so find SOMEONE! Someone in your school, in your district- or maybe even someone in an online group for teachers. We all make more progress when we work together!

Thank you SO MUCH for joining me this summer for the Guided Math Book study! I've learned so much along the way. 

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