Friday, May 9, 2014

What are *your* hopes and dreams for your students?

Last week, I published this letter to my students.  In this letter, I highlighted the hopes and dreams that I have for them.  I then opened up the floor for wonderfully passionate teachers from around the world to talk about what *they* hope and dream for their students.

I know that education is a difficult field in the United States these days.  With rigid testing schedules and extreme time demands, it can take everything we've got to stay positive for the kids.  Interestingly, teachers often find that they have both a lack of support and a lack of creative freedom in the classroom.  It was refreshing to hear from all of these teachers who have the best interests of their students at heart.

                                         Alicia Lykins says...

"My hopes for my students are that they find something that excites them and 

ignites a passion for learning. I hope they all have the confidence

and support they need to pursue their education and remain fully engaged."


 Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy says...
"We hope that our students leave our classroom with a fascination about the 

world around them and a love for all things science.  We want our students to see

that they should embrace their inner nerd because it is SO cool to be an insightful,

reflective, and innovative individual."

Erin Holleran says...

"I hope that my students remain as confident and creative throughout their lives as

they are at right now at 5 years old!"

Allyson's Creative Corner says...

"I hope my students become lifelong learners who nurture their creativity. I also 

hope my students develop a love of storytelling in all its forms, whether it's through

poetry, plays, short stories, novels or film."

Autism Educational Resources Says...

I hope that my students will continue to be challenged to achieve their potential 

throughout their lives, and that they will be given the opportunity to showcase their 

talents and skills to their peers and community.

Daisy Designs Says...

"My wish for all children and students everywhere is that they are always striving 

for something amazing. Don't let the world get you down and know that if you set

 your mind to it, anything can happen."

Play to Learn Preschool Says...

My hope for my students is that they develop curiosity, compassion and a lifelong 

love of learning.  I hope that they always have teachers who put their needs as 

human beings above their needs as students, and just love them.

Chalkboard Creations Says...

I hope that I have helped to inspire them to live out what they believe with all their

hearts! I also hope for my students to become life-long learners, and that they will 

never be able to quench their thirst for knowledge!

A Shep Says...

My hope is that my students will remember our wonderful "class family" from this 

year and that they will always try their best to  soar to new heights in everything

they do.

Mrs. Plemon's Kindergarten Says...

I hope my students remember the love, acceptance, respect, learning and laughter

we shared in kindergarten and that they bring that with them throughout the rest of 

their schooling. I want them to continue to be supportive/collaborative learners 

that push themselves to set and achieve high goals.

Astute Hoot Says..

I hope that my students with special needs will discover their strengths and be 

confident in all of the wonderful gifts they have to offer.

Mrs Schlachter Says...

I hope my students find their passion; then it will never feel like work everyday to 


Caitlin Howald Says...

I hope my students' imaginations continue to grow and that this creativity sticks 

with them through all that they do!

Two Teachers on a Limb Say...

I hope that the lessons they've learned about how to treat others and themselves

extend beyond the four walls of our classroom and this school year.  Most of all, I

hope that what they've learned is evident in the interactions they have with others

not just at school, but in their lives forever.   

Which of these hopes and dreams stick out to you?  What hopes and dreams do you have for your students?

Wishing all of you all the best as you wrap up your year!

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