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Trade and Grade

Who doesn't need a little extra practice in basic fluency, right? I've got just the product for you! My friend Laura from Differentiation Station created an amazing set of monster themed fluency centers called Monster Munch!
Click here to see Monster Munch on TPT!

This 121 page product contains 4 types of activities- "Roll, Add Cover", "Monster Hop",  "Monster Munch", and "How Many More Cookies Did He Munch?".   Each of the 4 activities comes with alternate variations to meet the needs of all learners!

Roll, Add, Cover

The first set of games in this pack are called "Roll, Add, Cover."  

You'll love all three variations to meet the specific needs of your students: basic addition through sums of 12, adding doubles, and adding three numbers.

For the "2 dice" version, students roll two dice, record the equation on their answer sheets, and cover the sum on their game board. The first to cover their game board wins!

Roll, Add, Cover- Sums through 12

The "doubles" game plays much the same. Students will roll one die, double the number, record the equation, and cover the sum on their game board.

Roll, Add, Cover- Doubles

For the "3 dice" version, students roll three dice, add, record, and cover on their game board.
Roll, Add, Cover- Three Addends
What I love: I love centers that have the same basic rules of play: roll the dice, record, and cover up on your game board. With a slight twist (number of dice, in this case), I've got my students working on a whole new skill!

Monster Hop

The Monster Hop activities introduce addition on a number line. First, create a large number line on the floor. Next, students place the monster numbers in order on the number line.

Monster Wands

Using the "Monster Wand," and anchor chart, students will use the number line to add on to any number. Place the wand at the largest addend and hop forward to find the sum.

Students LOVE the monster wands!

Lesson extensions for the number line Monster Hop are included. Students draw out a number card and demonstrate the addition equation on the number line. All of the other students will demonstrate the equation on there student sized number line.
Monster Wands

What I love: Students are going to LOVE having their own "student sized" number line and monster wand that matches the "life sized" version!

Monster Munch

Monster Munch is a fun little center where students use  cookie manipulatives to represent various addition equations.

Monster Munch Center

At the center, students will choose one of the Monster Mats. Each mat contains an addition equation. There are two sets of mats included: Sums to 10 and sums to 20.  You can choose which level works best for each small group of students.

The cookie counters are provided, but you could easily replace the counters with another object, such as rocks, linking cubes, or fun cookie cereal!

What I love:  Both the sums to 10 and sums to 20 monster mats visually look the same-- students enjoying the same center could be working at an individualized level!

How Many More Cookies Did He Munch?

The last set of activities focuses on finding the missing addends.

How Many More Cookies Did He Munch Center

At this center, the students will choose one Monster Mat. Each mat shows an addend and the sum. Students will place the cookie manipulatives in the missing addends spot and count on to find how many more. This center comes with varying levels as well: Sums of 10, sums to 10, and sums greater than 10.  This center also comes with a student record sheet, where students will record their addition equations.

What I love: Using cookie manipulatives to count count on is a fun, hands-on way for students to practice counting on to find a missing addend!

The teacher information in this product is is clear and easy to follow. Pictures are included for the visual learners! With four different activities and lots of variations, you just can't go wrong by purchasing this product!

Want to sample this product out for yourself? 

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