Saturday, November 23, 2013

A few organizational ideas. - Juliana

   Things like classroom space, grade level, students in class, curriculum, whether you are teaching all subjects in a self-contained classroom or if you have more than one group of students in your classroom. Each teacher has to find what works for them. I want to show you what works well in my classroom. Hopefully, you can take one or two ideas and modify them to fit your needs.

1. Student folders: Each student has a file in my class. I store them in a file cabinet. I use this for conferences and meetings where information about the student is needed. I include information that I think is important or relevant to use in conferences (e.g., behavior reports, assessment for beginning of the year, absent notes, a sample of their best (and sometimes not so good) work. Be careful not to put every single thing in here. Think conference time!

2.Community supply area: Students have their personal materials but I also keep an area when, in case of emergency, can take out and keep working.

3. Copies for the whole week: There are many different ways you can modify this, depending on your classroom space. I use this crate to put all of the student copies I need for the week.

4. Keeping a dairy (that is a voice memo diary): I wish I had time to write a school diary and remember what I did the first week of school, but once you start teaching, it is almost impossible to sit everyday and write in a diary, there is simply too much going on.
    That's why I decided to record it as a voice memo on my phone. I try to do it everyday after school as I am driving home.  I record a voice memo about the things that worked well and things I should probably change. When I get a little bit of time (usually on the weekends) I download the voice memos into a folder on my computer. When summer comes and I'm preparing for the new school year, I refer back to what needs to change and things I can start getting ready in the summer.

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