Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Anchor Charts and New Products

Hi there sweet readers!

The fall season is full of great themes and content, I love, love teaching all these fun and engaging things. We have been learning about pumpkins, nouns, addition strategies and so much more.

We have  been reviewing the differences/similarities between fiction and nonfiction. We read "The Pumpkin Book" and "The Biggest Pumpkin Ever" to further develop an understanding of books that are real and books that are pretend.

For language we have been learning about nouns. We created an anchor chart in which we sorted between person, place, thing/animal.

We continue to work hard at our goal for reading using the CAFE board. Instead of adding Post-it notes, I use the my firsties' pictures on the specific CAFE goal. 


In writing, some of my firsties were really haing trouble coming up with ideas to write about. Once upon a time, I created a heart map with my students and they got to hung up on it... So I look for different ways to get them started. This is a group of October prompts I created, they have been really helpful!


You can find this set of prompts in my little store.

In Math we continue to use BUILD stations. 

I am a holiday nut and I put the Christmas tree out and dress it as a harvest tree, the kids love it, and the classroom looks so so cozy. I use it to display student work. 


We have made subtraction monsters 

And addition spiders

We have also started with addition strategies:


 Last but not least, I have added these products to my little store:

All the word problem types for second grade! You can find them here!!

Who doesn't have to do Nonsense words these days, check my intervention pack!!

This teacher is tired!!! I am in the middle of a soccer tournament with my oldest son, and we have an early game tomorrow. Nite, nite!

Laura :)
Come visit my little store!!

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