Monday, September 9, 2013

The Classroom Reveal

          School is in full swing, and I have been very busy putting my classroom together, planning activities, and getting to know my class of precious 2nd grade students.  I thought I would feature a few photos to help you all see what I have been doing in the classroom!

I used 6 crates and 2 settee cushions that were on sale at Pier 1 to create a reading corner.  There is a rug with a couple more pillows to the side of this reading corner.  Four children fit on this comfortably.

This is above our main reading area.  It is a space for kids to put post-it notes about their favorite book from the week.  My plan is to have kids post a note each Friday stating I like __________ because ________________.  We started this last Friday and I was impressed with the reasons that the kids gave.  Some of them just said a generic "I like it because I just do," so we will continue to work on this!

This is above all of our books.  I worked at a teacher supply store for a bit during undergrad and still had these monkeys.  My previous job was a Spanish teaching job.  I traveled to various classrooms and didn't have my own, so this is the first time I was able to put these monkeys to use!  The font I used in my classroom is called "Tequila Sunrise" at  I know the name isn't classroom appropriate, but I really like the font!  

Of course, I just had to use my awesome book basket labels to label my classroom library.  I used one of the blank labels included in the book basket label set to label our classroom "reading buddies."  My kids take turns reading to their buddies during independent reading time.

 Our class has started a postcard collection.  I have a world map and a U.S.A. map up in our room.  On facebook, I asked friends and family to send me postcards of the places they live and also to think of our classroom when they travel to new places!  The kids are so excited when they receive new postcards.  I have photocopied the postcards to make them into a little book.  The kids refer back to these cards during writing time and are having fun writing back to our friends.  I stapled the originals up.  I also stapled a map blank print-out of these maps and have been having kids color in states and countries when we receive a postcard.  This is fun!

And of course, I couldn't resist buying this adorable inflatable monkey from Party City.  It was only a dollar!

There are so many other things I would LOVE to do in my classroom, but I just didn't have the time and/or money.  I am already looking forward to setting up my classroom next year, when I will already have a lot of the materials I need to make my classroom look awesome. 

We always welcome any other tips or suggestions for making the classroom an awesome place to live, learn and grow!

:-)    Kenzie

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