Friday, June 5, 2015

Saying goodbye to vocabulary flash cards

If you are like me you are always looking for more exciting ways to help your students learn their vocabulary words.  I find it even more difficult to help them learn their vocabulary in Science and Social Studies than in reading.  One fun game we have begun playing to practice vocabulary in the content  areas is vocab charades.  I give one student an index card with the vocab word on it and he or she has to act out the word without talking.  This game can actually get silly and the kids love it.  You will really see who knows the words and who doesn’t.

  Another way I’ve developed for students to practice their vocabulary is through vocabulary puzzles.  I use these puzzles for early finishers, in centers, and as formative assessments to see where each student is in their vocabulary mastery.  Students will match each vocabulary word puzzle piece to its matching definition puzzle piece.  So far I created vocabulary puzzles for all of our 4th grade Science units.  You can get a free download of my Water Cycle Vocabulary Puzzles HERE  to try them out and see how you like them. 
Water Cycle Vocabulary Puzzles - 4th Grade GPS   

I plan to make some puzzles for our Social Studies units over the summer and I promise that as soon as I get those up I will include a freebie and let you know. 

Since I’m always looking for new ideas I would love your input.  What strategies are you using to help your students with their vocabulary?